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Layered Process Audits

Most non conformities are caused by not following properly the established processes. This applies to all kind of processes: manufacturing as well as administrative processes. Layered Process Audits are a powerful tool to validate both the consistent compliance with existing standardized processes and the implementation of changes or corrective actions in those existing steps

In this one day workshop you will learn how to use LPAs to get significant results including quality improvement, waste reduction and employee participation. You will have suggestions on how to launch a full-scale LPA system and get techniques for designing, developing and implementing audit questions

The training material is based on the CQI-8 guidelines published by AIAG.


Attendees will learn how to:

 Improve process control regardless of the type of business

 Measure and encourage work process standardization

 Reinforce key or updated process steps, including safety requirements

 Increase the interaction between plant management and line operators

 Allow operators to provide first hand feedback to plant management

 Reduce errors, reduce scrap, increase First Time Through, and therefore reduce costs

 Improve product quality and customer satisfaction